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5 things to consider when creating a DR plan

  1. How much data can I afford to loose 
    1 hour, 1 day, 1 week ? 
    This is your recovery point objective (RPO) and will give you an idea for the type of backup solution you will need.

  2. How long can you afford to be down for?
    1 - 2 days, 1 Week
    This is your recovery time objective (RTO) and will allow you to work out the time frame allowed to get your systems recovered and operational.

  3. What to backup and how?
    Selecting the right backup solution and ensuring everything you would want is included is vital.

  4. What are the recover steps?
    Plan out which exactly what you need to do to recover your systems, if you need licenses key, software hardware where will you find these or procurement.

  5. Where do you keep your plan?
    Make sure the plan is kept somewhere accessible in the event of a Disaster, usually off site in a physical location or via a mobile device available in the cloud is best as you need to get access to it quickly should the need ever arise!

Compio has over 15 years experience in Disaster Recovery planning and rehearsals, please contact us if you would like to speak with a consultant

When business think about Disaster recovery they often consider it via physical disasters causing fires & floods but is can also occur via hardware failure, software corruption, virus, malware, ramsomware or hacker attack and even accidental or deliberate data deletion.

They all have the same effect on stopping you from trading!  

Could your business survive a serious data loss? 

Disaster Recovery / Business continuity

What you don't know can't hurt you?

3 days from disaster

In 2013 we contacted local businesses to offer an IT review, one of the businesses owners who took us up on it, was becoming increasingly concerned with the unreliable IT systems and service. He was experiencing numerous outages and lots of reoccurring issues.  As he was on a pay as you go support contract with a smaller IT company, he was also worried that it wasn't in the interest of his IT chap to get to the root cause of the problems he was experiencing.

During the initial review we found that the main server was not performing well, and was running "in the red". The servers themselves didn't have the correct security patches and there were misconfigurations on the systems causing significant performance issues. We felt that the systems had not had the required attention and were in great need of some TLC.

Upon looking into the Backup & Disaster Recovery situation we found that the backup job had not been run successfully for over 3 months. We raised our concerns with the owner that a complete system recovery would not be possible based on how the backups were configured and scheduled. His data as with most businesses was critical to him and any more then a few days loss would be devastating.

The customer made the decision there and then to move to Compio on our contracted Complete IT service, we quickly resolved the backup issue (the same day) and then over the next few months worked on bringing all the systems back into a full working and healthy state.

Needless to say the client is delighted with his service and the reports showing how his systems are performing with the successful backups being reported. His staff are also much happier now and no longer moan about the unreliable systems, loss of work  and they can now directly contact a friendly and responsive support team as all the costs are included.