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Controlling who and what can access your data has never been more important and having a firewall is a critical part of securing and protecting the vital parts or your business. Compio can help you select the right firewall for your needs

Many businesses allow access to their data from the internet and with only 1 username and password, it is very unsecure. We offer a secure logon solution with PIN and  auto generated number to login just like the banks now use, using your smart phone 

Do you need to get all of  your computer sharing data and resources or maybe you need a Wi-Fi solution that will keep guests, smart phones and business data separate. 

Compio can help find the ideal solutions for your business communication needs

Logon Security

Connect your office PC's together to share data

If you are worried about the security on your devices then we can provide a solution, including industry leading Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware , Cloud Backup, Web site protection, personal firewall and security patching, we can even monitor and manage these for you. 

Protect your devices

Need to access your work servers or just your work PC from home or on the go, then you need a remote access solution. We can help you select, install and configure a solution for you and your co-workers while also considering your security requirements 

If you're looking to expand your business with a 2nd location, we can help by securely and cost effectively connecting them together so data and applications can be securely accessed across a network. This is also perfect for home based staff that need a permanent connection

Protect your business with a Firewall

Connect your device back to your office

Connect two or more

locations together

Networking and Security

Go with someone who's been there


Rob is head of IT for a large global distribution company who was under pressure to improve IT support while also reducing the IT spend. In 2012 we started discussions and he asked us for assistance in reviewing the current systems and services with a view to reduce his overall IT spend.  Over the next few months we evaluated where and what he was spending his budget on and created a strategy with him to reduce the global network costs by 71% (over £250,000) by changing lines and consolidating technologies.

Rob was so happy with the results and how we managed this project that he invited us to take over the IT support and systems administration of the local UK sites. Keeping these costs neutral to the business but taking on his local staff allowed for a reduction in admin costs  and gave him access to our experts, improving overall performance and system reliability. It also reduced the risk to the business of their IT staff leaving, and them losing the local knowledge, as this is now shared across our tech team.