General IT for Business – IT support and Managed Services

From IT management at director level, to advice on Cloud solutions, Email Hosting, and daily Support either via a monthly pro-active contract, or on a Pay as you go Basis, we can do it all. Our dedicated helpdesk team are here to answer your questions and help you get out of ‘trouble’ quickly!

We offer Fully Managed Services for larger firms that require the peace of mind we can offer as an outsourced reliable solution to cover everything from Server Admin to daily Remote Support or onsite installations.



Could your business survive a serious data loss? When businesses think about Disaster Recovery they often consider it via physical disasters such as fires & floods but is can also occur via hardware failure, software corruption, viruses, Malware, Ransomware or hacker attack and even accidental or deliberate data deletion. They all have the same effect on stopping you from trading! We can help you with industry leading anti-virus, back-up systems that match the needs of your business and put protection in place to not just to help prevent the worst from happening but have a recovery plan if it does!


Cyber Security and Compliance

Such a huge area of concern and confusion for business owners today, but something we at Compio specialise in. We understand your fears and address the real issues so your businesses are compliant and secure, with industry leading products. Speak to us today about GDPR, Firewalls and Cyber Security Essentials, or go to the page to find out more.


Hardware & Software

We cover all major IT brands and through our extensive vendor network we can source almost anything IT related that you would need, including printers, PC’s, Notebooks, Servers, we deal with Adobe, Sophos, F-Secure, Draytek, and many more. We are Microsoft silver partners and can advise on, set up, and maintain the right version for your business. why not contact us today and see if we can meet your IT requirements.



We provide network solutions to a number of our customers and securely connect their UK offices to offices elsewhere in the UK but also in South Africa, USA, Spain and many more international locations.

We also provide, support and configure remote access solutions for the majority of our clients, enabling them to work remotely and keep in control of their business while traveling or working from home.