Security & Compliance

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Security and Compliance

Such a huge area of concern and confusion for business owners today, but something we at Compio specialise in. We understand your fears, and address the real issues so your business is compliant and secure using what we consider the very best of  industry leading products. Speak to us today about GDPR, Firewalls and Cyber Security Essentials

Eliminate Risk

Our expert technical team will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and evaluate security practices in your business processes.

They will ensure you comply with our security best practice checklist, resulting in more secure data and helping you adhere to regulatory compliance standards such as FCA, EBA, PCI and Cyber Essentials.

You’ll also be provided with service reports and reviews when you require them, and ongoing recommendations for further improvements to performance and security

Is your data always accessible, recoverable and secure?

Data is critical to the running of your business. It’s the culmination of all your work, your ‘crown jewels’ you couldn’t work without it, and losing it would be a disaster. Therefore, it’s vital that your technology enables you to always access it, regardless of where you are, whilst keeping it easily recoverable and as secure as possible.


We follow strict processes to mitigate the risk that your data will be lost or compromised. We also understand the strict regulations you may face regarding your data, and your clients’ data, for instance in the financial or health industry, and we will ensure to the best of our ability your technology doesn’t put you in breach of these regulations.

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Cyber Security

Data breaches as a result of cyber-attack DO happen, some say now that it’s a question of when, not if!

Cyber-crime has resulted in various newsworthy data breaches recently – but there are many more that don’t hit the headlines. Don’t assume that criminals only target well known organisations. Thousands of small and medium businesses are also victims of cyber-crime, and are more vulnerable to going out of business as a result.

Many cyber-security attacks succeed not through technological genius, but through social engineering and trickery. Your employees need to be well trained and vigilant so they can spot the signs of a potential threat and respond accordingly. As well as providing the technology solutions to protect you, we can also provide the advice your staff need to help defend your business to mitigate the worst happening.

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Our Compio firewall solutions come enabled with services that most offices need to be up and running. However additional modules are available to ensure that the security of your office is handled in a secure and consistent manner.

Additional available options: –

  • Content Filtering – Block Facebook and other requested sites based on time of day
  • Gateway Anti-Virus – Block and be alerted to infected systems centrally
  • Intrusion Prevention – Proactively block malicious attempts to gain entry
  • VPN Client options – Extend your firewall services to remote workers
  • 4G WAN Failover – Automatically revert to 4G when your main link goes

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