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Networking for your business

2nd Location or Business expansion

If you’re looking to expand your business or set up a 2nd location, we can help by securely and cost effectively connecting them together so data and applications can be securely accessed across a network. This is also perfect for home based staff that need a permanent connection to the office.

Connect your Device to your office wherever you are!

If you need to access your work servers or just your work PC from home or on the go, then you need a remote access solution. We can help you select, install and configure a solution for you and your co-workers while also considering your security requirements.

Sharing information in the same office?

Do you need to get all of your devices sharing and editing data and resources in real time, or maybe you need a Wi-Fi solution that will keep guest’s, smart phones and business data separate? Please talk to us about this we have a superb software solution that we would love to demonstrate for you!

I discussed my need for our staff to be able to access files remotely and from different sites. Compio highly recommended using Autotask, it looked like a great fit for our needs and more. Autotask now allows me to upload to the cloud remotely and allows other team members to access files immediately, and edit in real time. This means myself and our team have been able to work anywhere using just a laptop, iPad or phone! It is also an excellent system to ensure all work is backed up in real time and as a bonus mitigates our risk of losing work to Malware. What’s more the Compio team  set it all up for us and provided support on getting the best use out of it too – amazing!

David W.
Surveyor and Building Conservation Consultancy

With many years of network management and implementation of IT Networks both internally and globally, the Compio technical team have the experience you need.

We can fully plan, implement and manage your network infrastructure, optimising hardware that is already in production and offering advice on upgrades where required.

Our engineers are familiar with CiscoDellHP, Sophos, Fortigate, Watchguard, Draytek and many other products, and often get subcontracted by smaller IT companies to assist them with implementations and trouble shooting.

In addition to your primary office network we can also advise and install systems for remote offices and home workers ensuring secure, resilient connectivity to your office LAN. More and more offices these days are working partly from remote sites so this is a solution to facilitate continuity of business in these modern and demanding times.

We are happy to inspect your current network and use our years of experience in IT Network Infrastructure to advise on any areas that can be improved.

Speak to one of our experts and see how we can help your business grow through Compio IT support or Fully Managed Services